Turtle Season 2015

April 16, 2015

Tiny TurtleYes even though the weather is still iffy, the 2015 turtle season is coming in rapidly. We have shared the following information from the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Gainesville, Florida, to update you with the latest legal considerations and suggestions.

In addition to Florida being a great place to enjoy the sun and surf, Florida’s beaches are important nesting areas for sea turtles, and the sand dunes are home to many unique plants and animals.

During a visit, please help protect Florida’s sea turtles, other wildlife and the coastal habitats upon which they depend. The sea turtle nesting season in Florida runs from March through October on the Atlantic coast, and from May through October on the Gulf coast. During the sea turtle season, please remember a few simple things to help protect these magnificent creatures and their habitat.

• It is against the law to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or their nests. Sea turtles are protected by both the Federal Endangered Species Act and the Florida Marine Protection Act.

• If you see an injured or dead sea turtle, call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 1-888-404-FWCC (3922) or *FWC from your cell phone. Please be prepared to answer the following questions: What is the exact location of the animal? Is the turtle alive or dead? What is the approximate size of the turtle? Is the turtle marked with spray paint? (This indicates that the turtle has been documented.) What is the location of the closest access point to the turtle?

• Avoid going to the beach at night, especially at he change of tides. If you must be on the beach at night, limit your walking and do not use flashlights or flash photography. The light may cause the female to abort the nesting process, or other sea turtles nearby may be discouraged from nesting if there are lights on the beach.

• Turn off outside patio lights and shield indoor lights from shining directly onto the beach by closing the drapes at night. Lights disturb nesting sea turtles and hatchlings. Many coastal counties and cities have lighting ordinances that help reduce beachfront lighting. Please make sure your beachfront lights are in compliance with the law.

• While enjoying the beautiful beaches during the day, avoid disturbing marked sea turtle nests, and please take your trash with when you leave the beach.

• When crossing a dune, please use designated cross overs and walk ways. Do not climb over the dunes or disturb the dune vegetation.

List of organizations that have been permitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to conduct public turtle watches.

Sea Turtle Watching Tips by SEEturtles.org

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The Saga of the Ice Maker

November 12, 2014

The ice-maker had been sitting in an alcove niche in the kitchen ever since we walked in in December of 2011. Quaint and functional, it allowed guests to walk into the kitchen at any time of the day or night, grab a bucket with plastic liner and a scoop and help themselves to ice for cocktails and cold beverages. Perfect and needed, especially during hot Florida summers. The ice-maker had been sitting there since probably when it was bought new in 2009 and when it started to show some strain early in the year (many guests forgot to close the lids over night) I had the technician come out and add some freon and clean it up a bit. But then in June I walked in one morning to prepare breakfast and was welcomed by an ankle deep pool as the water intake kept pulling, but the ice coil had given up.

Calling the appliance company the ice-maker was bought from I learned, that there were exactly 4 days left on the comprehensive warranty but I had to get a technician out for the repairs. Chadox Refrigeration in Jacksonville. The technician would come up to the island after the weekend, exactly on the day the warranty was expiring! You get where this is going, don’t you! Continued…

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TJ’s Big Sigh of Relief

June 24, 2014

tj and han wedding vow renewalsOn Monday afternoon May 26, a lovely couple from Kansas announced their arrival at the Inn ready for check in. The problem? We had no reservation received (and certainly not confirmed), but fortunately we had a suite available. A 2 day trip by car had exhausted them a bit, so we quickly accommodated them into the Sea for Two suite, which happened to be the only suite available for several nights, a rarity as soon as Memorial Day has hit the calendar.

While pulling the luggage in Lawson pulls me aside and asks what is needed to get a marriage license on Amelia Island. Turns out that they had planned a last minute elopement wedding and his bride to be, who’s name is Amelia, wanted to get married on Amelia Island. After I tell Lawson the legal essentials, he tells me they would like to get married the next day, Tuesday the 27th in the late afternoon. No problem I say in my usual optimism as I grab the phone to call my friend Ronnie Stoots to make sure he is available to officiate the wedding. Ronnie doesn’t pick up so I leave a message detailing time and what is needed.”No worries” I tell Lawson, “I am supposed to see Ronnie tomorrow afternoon anyway for some business thingy, so I know he’s available.” Continued…

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Pleasant if a bit weatherbeaten

May 19, 2014

fountain 2“Pleasant if a bit weatherbeaten”. I was staring at the title of our latest guest review on Tripadvisor, as my left eye developed a nervous twitch. I was not used to “so so reviews”, and especially not from someone I had been going out of my already highly elastic way to meet every (even whimsical) wish.

From the day TJ and I took over in December of 2011 we worked hard to overcome the few previous negative comments on Tripadvisor up to that point. The previous innkeepers had to overcome the problem of living at a considerable distance from the Inn and had little experience in running a hospitality business, hence some negative reviews had painted the Inn into a corner.

TJ’s and my mission statement for taking over was anchored in providing the best affordable sleeping accommodations possible and a breakfast experience that would resonate with all previous and future guests. Within two months of taking over, Tripadvisor was starting to show steady 5 star reviews, which hasn’t stopped since, even though we have not actively encouraged guests to leave comments on Tripadvisor for the past year. But that’s more because we have discovered Tripadvisor’s acquisition policies to be commercially slanted and manipulative.

But then…. a couple of weeks ago the following review from a guest from Statesboro Georgia appeared on the screen: Continued…

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Dog Sitting Service on Island is Now Available

November 14, 2013

We have been trying to find a reliable dog sitting service for our guests since we had to make the unfortunate decision to no longer allow pets at the Inn last year. As intense pet lovers ourselves, we understood the pleasure of having long beach walks with your favorite dog and letting them play in the surf and roll through the sand. It’s magic for them (and us).

So we’re happy to announce that we found a good friend of ours, Jane Hoskins, to offer dog sitting services. We have known Jane almost from the day we moved to Amelia Island in 2006. She is very responsible and her pricing is very fair. Actually we think she enjoys the sitting more than she is comfortable charging for, since she only takes $20 a day and your dog can stay overnight.

You can contact Jane by calling 904-206-2230. She lives less than 5 minutes from the Inn. You can also contact her via email britesite@comcast.net

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Having Dessert For Breakfast is Good for Weight Loss

August 26, 2013

2013 Amelia Island Restaurant WeekI’ve been claiming it all along : Breakfast is the best time of the day to eat Dessert!!! Ever since we took over the B&B I have been serving dessert with breakfast, much to the delight of many guests. From New York Cheese Cake to Key Lime Pie and from Baklava to Strawberry Shortcake, we believe dessert should have a prominent place on a breakfast tray, but sometimes guests on dietary restrictions return dessert untouched to the kitchen, because they either feel guilty starting out the day with a dessert, or they forget that they have a refrigerator in their suite to keep dessert for an afternoon delight. Continued…

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Tripadvisor Awards Us a Certificate of Excellence

August 1, 2013

A little while ago we were pleasantly surprised by a package delivered by special courier, announcing that we were awarded Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the exceptional feedback we have been getting from our guests.

We are extremely grateful for the many compliments we have received on Tripadvisor, Bed and Breakfast.com and especially all the long hand-written complimentary letters, poems and drawings in our various in-suite guest books.

The Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence recognizes businesses that rank in the Top 10 Worldwide for customer expressed satisfaction. Only arriving to the business of  Innkeeper less than 2 years ago, we have tried to provide hospitality the way we would want to experience being a guest at the Inn. In the next phases of our Innkeeper life we are looking to design a guest experience that is uniquely beach relaxation oriented, with afternoon happy hours and special theme evenings (mostly entertaining and sometimes educational).

As another very busy summer vacation season is coming to an end with schools starting back in the middle of August, we are looking forward to the many late summer, fall and winter season festivals and activities we organize here on Amelia Island to entertain our guests.

Here is a probably incomplete list of Festivals and Events still to come this year:

August 23 and 24: 4th Annual Great Southern TailGate Cookoff on Main Beach with lots of live music and southern food.

September 13 and 14: Amelia Island Blues Festival on the Waterfront in Historic Downtown.

October 6 – 13Amelia Island Jazz Festival all over the island.

October 12: Amelia Island Wine Festival at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation

October 19: 17th Annual 8-Flags Car Show in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach

November 8-9-10: International Pétanque America Open at the Downtown Waterfront

November 23: Holiday Cookie Tour of Amelia Island B&B’s

December 6 and 7: Fernandina Beach Holiday Home Tour





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SeaEscape Suite Got a Complete Facelift

February 16, 2013

Amelia Oceanfront B&B renovates SeaEscape SuiteWe had been planning to completely renovate SeaEscape for a while, but with reservations holding up strong throughout the winter season, it became increasingly difficult to slot the time before the Spring/Summer Season starts in March. So in the week of Valentine Celebrations TJ and I decided to (once again) test our ability to work long hours together in difficult circumstances. We passed the test with flying colors and in the 10 day process SeaEscape became one of our new favorite suites. Vibrant light color schemes, new light fixtures, new furnishings in the living/dining room area, bright colorful beach scenes on the walls, a new tile floor and vanity in the bathroom and many new small decorations.

One of our particular problems with this suite was elegantly solved with a simple but very decorative wooden TV stand. Probably 30 years ago when the house was first turned into a B&B, someone decided to pull all wiring for Cable TV and telephone into this room and from there to all other rooms. With the arrival of the Internet a new set of wiring and routers was added to the nightmare of cable boxes and telephone cradles. Especially thick performance coaxial cables, you know those that never want to bend into the direction you want them too, where a thorn in our sense of perfection. Well we’re happy to report that it is now neatly tucked away.

TJ and I hi-fived each other when we closed the door to Sea Escape exactly one hour before the next guests were scheduled to check in to the Suite. Mission accomplished.

Here are some pictures: 

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Gift Certificates Now Available

December 15, 2012

On a number of occasions we have been asked to make Gift Certificates available for purchase. Since our Webervation Reservation system does not allow (yet) for an administrative payment solution on gift cards, we are outlining here the procedure in case of a purchase of a Gift Certificate.


This certificate allows you to enter any amount for a gift, which when redeemed will be subtracted from the final invoice amount. If you would like to purchase a Value Certificate we kindly request to give us a call at 904 430 0026 and let us know the amount and the name of the person(s) you would like to gift. We will then charge your credit/debit card for the amount of the Gift and email you the Certificate with guest names and a redemption code, which you can print or forward.

Amelia Oceanfront B&B has now Gift Certificates











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Scootertje Speaks Out On New Pet Policy

April 23, 2012

Hi my name is Scootertje (That’s Dutch for Little Scooter).
I am TJ and Han’s little Snorkie. I’m not yet 5 years old and a bit spoiled, but don’t let them now. They often make fun of me and call me the Step Stool Puppy, because my dad was 4 lbs and my mom was 12 pounds. Figures! I love to play soccer with a basketball and they actually have a video of me on youTube. They also had a Facebook page for me but gave it up after a lot of girls gave me too much attention.

But that’s not what this story is about. When they took over the Inn, pets of all kinds were allowed as part of the previous policy. But soon they noticed that an unbridled pet policy could create some awkward situations between dogs and cats and birds that did not necessarily like each other. There was one weekend in January 2012 when the Inn resembled a kennel of barking dogs.

Now I know from personal experience, that barking is just a way for us to get a message across or to attract attention and not necessarily carries any form of aggression. We can be hyper, confused, wondering or just excited, but being in a new place with our “parents” out on the town for a good time, sometimes grates at us and we become rambunctious.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for other paying guests who can’t sleep until we are asleep. Beyond that some of our more excitable brothers and sisters have bladder problems which they take out on rugs and sometimes bed quilts, not to speak of picking up fleas on the beach. And I’m not even mentioning hair loss.

So it came as no surprise when my favorite peeps decided to limit pet access to one suite only earlier this year, but soon after the unthinkable happened. A trio of female guests had checked into the SeaEsta Suite with 2 full sized dogs of undistinguished pedigree. They were belligerent to say the least, but when both TJ and Han were knocking on the door the next morning to deliver a very tasty breakfast to the room, one of the dogs went for TJ’s knees, creating severe instability on the breakfast tray, leading to substantial spillage. And that was the end of the friendly pet policy. Not because they don’t love me or other dogs, but just because sometimes in life you have to draw the line.

And that line indicated that there were many more cons than pros on the existing pet policy. Believe it or not, I sleep on the couch in Han’s office and catch many of the phone calls coming in. I hear how many people actually have pet allergies when they call to reserve a room and I fully understand why the no pet policy was activated. Even I am not allowed inside the building anymore and I’m what they call hypoallergenic, which means I don’t shed hair. I know, big deal. In any case I wanted to let you know that the Inn is now only for people. No more exceptions!

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See Updated Video of The Inn on the Beach

April 23, 2012

The Amelia Oceanfront Bed & Breakfast is a charming, historic house nestled in the sands of the Atlantic shoreline on Amelia Island, the first barrier island in North East Florida. The inn offers six spacious beautiful oceanfront guest suites decorated in eclectic beach cottage style. The Amelia Oceanfront Bed and Breakfast is different from other B & B’s in that the innkeepers live caddy corner across the street from the Inn, rather than in inhouse quarters, giving guests complete privacy.
Check the Video

You can spot shrimp boats on their daily haul from our oceanfront deck or you can take a energizing sunrise walk on the beach and enjoy the search for seashells and sharks teeth. The beach is just steps away from your door.

For more fun off the beach you can explore the wonders of Amelia Island:  the historic district, the shrimpers, golf, tennis, fine dining, and so much more. Learn about the late Victorian era through a walking architecture tour in downtown Fernandina Beach. Bicycling around out lovely barrier island can be the perfect way  to see everything! Fort Clinch  State Park offers a historical tour and a great view of the lighthouse  as well as trails through the magical beach forest, dunes and sea marshes.

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