Longing to get away from the hustle and bustle

November 28, 2013

Amelia OceanFront B&B is an oasis of rest and relaxation on the beach of one of the most beautiful American barrier Islands, where service is an honor and hospitality a trait. Come and we’ll let you forget your daily grind, even if it is just a moment in a lifetime. Amelia Island is just now awakening in the minds of America with a truly spectacular 13 miles of sandy beaches, a real historic town district, loaded with interesting history and a wide choice of dining experiences that rivals much better known vacation destinations. 6 comfortable Suites on a ‘private’ beach guarantees vacation fun.

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See the Sign, Experience the Comfort

November 28, 2013

Amelia Ocean Front Bed and Breakfast is more than a sign. It is a beacon to tranquility, comfort, fun in the surf, magnificent sunrises and ocean breezes complemented by a daily different 4 course breakfast experience; served in your suite or with your toes in the sand.

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Splendid Sunrises Year Round

November 28, 2013

The Amelia Ocean Front Inn is located in the dunes of Amelia Island’s most prestigious beach facing due east providing the early birds almost daily breathtaking sunrises in a myriad of hues unmatched by the most profound artists.

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The Inn’s Beach, in all its Splendor

November 28, 2013

Amelia Ocean Front Bed and Breakfast offers 6 themed suites presenting the most in comfort and relaxation within 5 minutes of historic downtown Fernandina Beach.

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Visual proof that we’re RIGHT on the beach

November 14, 2013

We get this question quite often: “Are you really directly on the beach?” or any variety on “does my suite really have ocean views”. Today I checked in a couple from Cleveland, Ohio who noted: “We knew it was on the beach, but didn’t know it was that close to the ocean.” Well usually the ocean is a bit further out, but the nor’eastern November winds have been blowing inward and moved the shoreline about 30 feet closer.  In any case, when Bill Bowen of Suburban Video, with wife Carol and daughter  were our guests in June, he quickly shot a 360° photograph, to show what a elementary 360° virtual tour may look like.

360 Degree interactive virtual tours is another fascinating development of digital technology that can be viewed as a flash file on your computer via the Internet and on mobile devices. This is an ideal tool for many different uses, for hospitality operators, security operators, developers, venues, planners, designers of events and so on. The 360 Degree Virtual Tour allows new customers to visit and walk through a business or venue and view not only how the space looks and is used, but also gets an idea of available services. Potential customers can click on various areas to see some live video of an actual event taking place or interviews regarding the business’ services!

Below are some other examples:

Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland (Rockville) – Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital wanted new patients and their families to be able to walk through and be familiar with all the facilities that the rehabilitation center has to offer. The 360 tour was a great success and patients love it.

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History – Special Event 360 Tour. Gwen Neal, Director of Special Events said: “This is FANTASTIC!!   Would it be possible for Natural History to use this piece on its web site (special events), and for our Special Events Staff to show to prospective clients on our iPad presentation? Thanks.”

The Winery at Bull Run 360 venue tour: The Winery was a new venue that needed a way for new customers to view how their venue can be used for corporate and social events. It also includes imbedded video.

Additional samples of 360 Degree Virtual Tours

SugarPlum Tent venue
Verizon Building

Suburban Video’s 360 Degree Virtual Tours can include many options:

• Site map for quick navigation that will be on the tour pages.

• Clickable link, people can go back to a webpage or anyplace else you want visitors to go.

• Hot links help visitors to navigate all the other tour stops. Hot links are red arrows when  the cursor is held over them a title will pop up telling them where they can go.

• Text Boxes with important customer info (up to 100 characters).

• Sound option: This a “voiceover” that is scripted to exactly convey the message you want visitors to receive or music of your choice that is assigned to each tour.

• Video link option: A link to a video file can be embedded into any tour page. For more information you can view their website at http://www.suburbanvideo.com. or you can contact Bill at 301 315-6300 (SV) or 301 922-9007 (cell)

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Having Dessert For Breakfast is Good for Weight Loss

August 26, 2013

2013 Amelia Island Restaurant WeekI’ve been claiming it all along : Breakfast is the best time of the day to eat Dessert!!! Ever since we took over the B&B I have been serving dessert with breakfast, much to the delight of many guests. From New York Cheese Cake to Key Lime Pie and from Baklava to Strawberry Shortcake, we believe dessert should have a prominent place on a breakfast tray, but sometimes guests on dietary restrictions return dessert untouched to the kitchen, because they either feel guilty starting out the day with a dessert, or they forget that they have a refrigerator in their suite to keep dessert for an afternoon delight. Continued…

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Mamma Turtles Seem to Like our Little Inn

June 17, 2013

New nest in front of Amelia Oceanfront B&BIt’s pretty much an annual recurrence that Mamma Loggerheads decide to nest on “our” beach and so yesterday in the early morning hours, one Mamma thought the beach in front of our Inn well suited and quiet enough to lay down a nest with no less than 150 eggs directly in front of the beach chairs. A short time later Mary Duffy of the Amelia Island Turtle Watch came to mark the nest and take all precautionary measures to ensure safe hatching.

We are happy that our guests heed our warnings about bright lights at nights so that mamma turtles can safely come out and deposit their offspring. At the same time we would like to reiterate certain suggestions that some, especially weekend beach goers seem to forget about safety on the beach for both turtles and our guests

In addition to beach paraphernalia left on the beach, another big danger for turtles and humans are huge holes dug by beachgoers and left unfilled for days/weeks. I encounter “party pits” quite often during my early morning beach walks. So here is my plea…please, people, fill in the holes you dig! We have guests that like to do a beach walk under the stars even when the moon is new. It’s discouraging to find deep holes dug into the sand, a canopy still up overnight with a deep hole in the center full of empty water bottles and beer cans, a kids wagon filled with toys and beach chairs left on the edge of the dunes, condo porch lights left on to full brightness overnight and tire tracks where there should not be any. Educating our Island visitors should be a priority for all rental property owners to keep our beaches beautiful and safe for others….especially our sea turtles.

As to our new turtle nest we will be extra vigilant between August 6 and August 21 when the nest is scheduled to hatch.The photos were taken by our Austrian guests Herbert and Margit Blass.

Another beautiful sunrise on Amelia IslandShark Teeth Collectors on Amelia Island

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The Inn around 1958

June 5, 2013

Fletcher Ave, long before it became Florida’s A1A was still a sand trail when this picture was taken sometime around 1958. I got it from our neighbors across the street, who found it as they were restoring the house across from the Inn. Rod and his wife Cody, or miss Cody as we call her, moved into the house that was build by the same architect/builder as the Inn, in 1958. Mr. Rod, recently passed away in his mid nineties, but Ms. Cody at 92 is still sharp as a tack.

On special and other occasions we bring her a dessert from the Inn which she consumes with much gusto and we listen to her stories from days long past. Just to imagine living on that paradisical spot for 55 years is incredible. She has seen much of the area’s development over those years as her direct neighbor’s house burned down, because fire trucks were few and far away. She remembers Fletcher Ave getting paved. She remembers the ups and down of the Inn as family home, women’s shelter, guest house and B&B. She remembers the construction of Katie’s Light and the Ocean View sub-division being build en when a previous owner brought the Mermaid Fountain in and she has stories about it all.

In this picture you can “clearly” see that at one time boulders rather than dunes kept the ocean at bay and what today is called Egan’s Creek was right up to her back porch.

I’m planning to go up in one of the ultra lights they operate from the airport these days and take pictures of what it looks like today, just to mark a point in time for comparison and reflection.

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Nature on and around Amelia Island

May 30, 2013

Marshes around Amelia Island FloridaFall is a magical time to visit our beautiful local state parks and do some hiking and biking on the trails. We have Fort Clinch less than a mile away with its many nature trails and natural dunes http://www.floridastateparks.org/fortclinch/. Another highly recommended day trip is the ferry to Cumberland Island to our north, which features the ruins of Dungeness, Playgrounds of the rich and famous in the early 20th century, magnificent nature and wildlife.

To the south, inside of a 20 mile radius, you can visit all seven of the parks, which officially comprise of Talbot Islands State Parks. Locally we know that all these attractions are accessible via a stretch of Florida’s A1A coastal road, immortalized by Jimmy Buffett’s 1974 album of that same name. From the North part of Jacksonville, the road comes up as Heckscher Drive, where it meets up with the Mayport ferry Service connecting to Jacksonville Beach. This stretch of A1A is surrounded by state parks and many other attractions such as Kingsley Plantation and Huguenot Park.

The seven parks are Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park , Amelia Island State Park ,Fort George State Park, George Crady Bridge Fishing Pier State Park , Little Talbot Island State Park , Yellow Bluff Fort Historic State Park and Big Talbot Island State Park .

For an eco-friendly experience you won’t soon forget, sign up for a guided tour of Fort George Island on a cross terrain Segway withEcomotion Tours. This 2 hour tour departs from the historic Ribault Club and visits the Kingsley Plantation while traveling along more than 3 miles of maritime forest, abundant with plant and animal life. No experience necessary, but advance reservations are required so please call 904-251-9477 for more information.

These parks abound in natural settings and many animals and birds,  representative of the typical barrier island. Whether you are into Kayaking in the marshes or hiking, biking or birding, Amelia Island is the place for you year round.

Also at a short distance from the Inn is one of the entrances to the Egans Creek Green Way, a 300 acre protected nature preserve with a network of trails for hiking and biking. Guided walking tours are held every third Saturday of the month and every 4th Tuesday of the month. Admission is free but participants are requested to register at 904 277 7350 And when you come home from your daily wanderings, you can enjoy the ocean views, frolicking dolphins, flocks of pelicans skirting our roof and walk on the beach when it is not as hot as in the summer.  You even might enjoy reading a good book on one of our beach loungers with the spoils of a good vacation at your finger tips.

Egans Creek Greenway Map

Egans Creek Greenway-Map Amelia Island Florida

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What You See is What You Will Experience

May 23, 2013

The Beach at Amelia Oceanfront B&BWhen guests walk into their suites we often get the remark that our suites are actually what they see in the pictures on the website. I think they are a bit surprised, as it seems they have experienced other places who hire professional photographers who fluff the rooms up beyond what they normally would look like. I do not believe in doing this, since it can only lead to disappointment by the guest and you only get one chance to make an impression. We strive to make it the best one possible.

So this is why we take our own photos and manage our website.There is no doubt when you arrive, you will experience beach cottage themed comfortable clean suites and the photos are factual right down to the smallest details. (maybe give or take a few sea shells, as they come and go like the tide.)

Another thing they say is, “wow, you really are on the beach”. I find it rewarding that we do not have to pretend to be something we’re not and what we say or portray is what “it really is”.

The entrance is on the beach side of the Inn and we serve breakfast in suite or on the back patio. If you choose to be served outside, the patio’s short retaining wall is built into a sand dune; (or I should actually say, the sand dunes built themselves around our retaining wall) so you can eat breakfast, touch the sea grass, watch the sea oats blowing in the breeze and experience the dolphins having their breakfast too.Walk exactly two steps up from the patio, and your toes will be wiggling in the sand. We are definitely the closest to the beach than any other accommodation on the island.

All six of our suites have from 2 to 6 windows that “face” the beach and many more with outstanding beach views. There are no obstructed views or need to crane your neck to catch a glimpse of the ocean. Obviously the upstairs suites have a more panoramic view, so keep that in mind when making your reservations, but I can assure you all the suites have sweeping ocean views.

TJ – Innkeeper

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SeaEscape Suite Got a Complete Facelift

February 16, 2013

Amelia Oceanfront B&B renovates SeaEscape SuiteWe had been planning to completely renovate SeaEscape for a while, but with reservations holding up strong throughout the winter season, it became increasingly difficult to slot the time before the Spring/Summer Season starts in March. So in the week of Valentine Celebrations TJ and I decided to (once again) test our ability to work long hours together in difficult circumstances. We passed the test with flying colors and in the 10 day process SeaEscape became one of our new favorite suites. Vibrant light color schemes, new light fixtures, new furnishings in the living/dining room area, bright colorful beach scenes on the walls, a new tile floor and vanity in the bathroom and many new small decorations.

One of our particular problems with this suite was elegantly solved with a simple but very decorative wooden TV stand. Probably 30 years ago when the house was first turned into a B&B, someone decided to pull all wiring for Cable TV and telephone into this room and from there to all other rooms. With the arrival of the Internet a new set of wiring and routers was added to the nightmare of cable boxes and telephone cradles. Especially thick performance coaxial cables, you know those that never want to bend into the direction you want them too, where a thorn in our sense of perfection. Well we’re happy to report that it is now neatly tucked away.

TJ and I hi-fived each other when we closed the door to Sea Escape exactly one hour before the next guests were scheduled to check in to the Suite. Mission accomplished.

Here are some pictures: 

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Activities on a Quiet Beach

October 7, 2012

It’s fascinating how an “empty” beach on a sunny day attracts a wide variety of beach activities. Take for example last Sunday I had the incredible urge to go whale surfing after this scene unfolded in front of my eyes!!! Of course there are much tamer ways to enjoy a quiet beach, such as horse back riding, paddle boarding, sky surfing, wave riding or just bicycling. I watched it all from one of the lounge chairs in front of the Inn.

Oh…. the Orca Killer whale picture was taken somewhere around Portland Oregon. No such excitement here! We have mostly frolicking dolphins, and I still would not surf on them. Just a little Sunday funday. Did you know for example that we live by the “Wisdom of the Coconut”?  Click on the Picture.

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Wish You Were Here

August 4, 2012

Set on a 13 mile sandy beach, the Amelia Ocean Front Bed and Breakfast is a lavishly and tranquil eclectic beach cottage themed Inn on Amelia Island, Florida.

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Beach Weddings

August 1, 2012

Casual, beachy, informal, but oh so much fun. We offer accommodations for a maximum of 18 guests (22 is max). For receptions we can easily accommodate 50-60 guests on our beach patio. Continued…

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Nature Lovers Starting Point

November 28, 2009

The Amelia Ocean Front Inn is truly located on the beach offering immediate access to an active beach walk, vigorous swim or a relaxing gaze with a good book as company.

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