Breakfasts are Served in the Suites or on the beach patio between 8:00 and 9:30am.

Amelia Oceanfront BB on Amelia IslandBreakfast varieties include:

• Eggs Benedict Mexican Style

• Huevos Rancheros with salsa and spicy cheese

• Piña Colada French Toast

• Western Omelette with peppers, onions, mushrooms sauteed in Indonesian Soy Sauce and Sambal or Aioli Chili Chipotle

• Varieties of Fruit pancakes and Dutch Crépes filled with fruits or chocolate

• Belgian Waffles with warm cherries or strawberries

• Eggs Overeasy on English Muffins with Salsa Cheese and Canadian Bacon

• Bagels and Boiled Eggs with Cheeses and Deli Cuts

• Loaded Scrambled eggs with Fresh Biscuits

All this comes with a selection of fresh cut fruits, biscuits or toast or croissants, juice AND Dessert, sausage and bacon.

Why do we serve Dessert at Breakfast?

In Italy the expression goes: Mangia la dolce prima, la vita e` corta ( Eat dessert first, life is short). We strongly believe in that mantra, which is why breakfast is served with dessert every day. It is perfectly acceptable to keep fruits and/or desserts in your mini fridge for an afternoon snack!!!


Breakfast is Room Service, served on trays and delivered to your choice of in-suite dining or on our oceanfront patio, much to our guests’ delight.

Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:30am, but times can be (slightly) adjusted if needed. Every breakfast is made from scratch, including the yoghurts, which requires more time. We do our best to rotate first service on a daily basis, unless guests specifically request early service or sleep inn service.

Since we are of the opinion that the dishes need to be served hot, directly out of the kitchen, we hardly ever get a chance to take pictures of the breakfast creations. That is why we delight in guests sending us breakfast pictures with comments.

Chef Ronnie, has been thoroughly  trained by previous innkeeper/chef Han and is an expert in preparing Southern Dishes himself.

Glutenfree, Kosher, Vegetarian or Vegan Dishes

We are more than happy to accommodate restricted diets, so don’t hesitate to let us know your preferences and food sensitivities.

Tex-Mex Inspired Eggs Benedict served on Canadian Ham and muffins, with Salsa, Cheese and Aeoli Chipotle

Our Piña Colada French Toast on Cinnamon Raisin slices with Dutch powdered sugar and a Mixed Berry topping

Crepes filled with 3 chocolates or fruits

We recently introduced a Dutch sister to the French Crepes, flensjes filled with 3 types of chocolate Biscotte or fruits

An occasional Eggs Benedict with Sauce Hollandaise if time allows and the mood is right


Two eggs over easy with croissant, toast, bacon and sausage/strawberry shortcake and fresh fruits for dessert

Western Veggie or Ham/Cheese Omelette with Accoutrements and Chocolate Sprinkies on dessert

Fruit and Chocolate chip pancakes, fresh fruit with sausage and bacon; baklava or freshly baked cookies for dessert

Amelia Oceanfront B&B - French Quiche Breakfast

French Style Breakfast with Quiche and Croissants, bacon and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert


Amelia Oceanfront B&B - Paula Deen style Super Sausage Bisquit Gravy

Paula Deen style Super Sausage Bisquit Gravy for that special Southern Winter Touch

Amelia Oceanfront B&B-Tater Tots with Cheese and Eggs Breakfast

Sometimes we prepare casseroles or a varieties of Tater Tots with Cheese, Bacon & Eggs.

One of our guests took this breakfast picture of Pina Colada French Toast, served with your feet in the sand, 20 yards from the waterline.

Here is a guest picture of a Western Omelette served in the dining area of the suite




3 Responses to Breakfast

  1. Teresa Marvin says:

    Are you offering a Thanksgiving meal over the Thanksgiving holiday? We have a family of 13.

  2. Carolyn Miller says:

    Your lodge looks awesome!
    Is breakfast included in our rate?
    How much $ are the picnic lunches?

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