Mamma Turtles Seem to Like our Little Inn

New nest in front of Amelia Oceanfront B&BIt’s pretty much an annual recurrence that Mamma Loggerheads decide to nest on “our” beach and so yesterday in the early morning hours, one Mamma thought the beach in front of our Inn well suited and quiet enough to lay down a nest with no less than 150 eggs directly in front of the beach chairs. A short time later Mary Duffy of the Amelia Island Turtle Watch came to mark the nest and take all precautionary measures to ensure safe hatching.

We are happy that our guests heed our warnings about bright lights at nights so that mamma turtles can safely come out and deposit their offspring. At the same time we would like to reiterate certain suggestions that some, especially weekend beach goers seem to forget about safety on the beach for both turtles and our guests

In addition to beach paraphernalia left on the beach, another big danger for turtles and humans are huge holes dug by beachgoers and left unfilled for days/weeks. I encounter “party pits” quite often during my early morning beach walks. So here is my plea…please, people, fill in the holes you dig! We have guests that like to do a beach walk under the stars even when the moon is new. It’s discouraging to find deep holes dug into the sand, a canopy still up overnight with a deep hole in the center full of empty water bottles and beer cans, a kids wagon filled with toys and beach chairs left on the edge of the dunes, condo porch lights left on to full brightness overnight and tire tracks where there should not be any. Educating our Island visitors should be a priority for all rental property owners to keep our beaches beautiful and safe for others….especially our sea turtles.

As to our new turtle nest we will be extra vigilant between August 6 and August 21 when the nest is scheduled to hatch.The photos were taken by our Austrian guests Herbert and Margit Blass.

Another beautiful sunrise on Amelia IslandShark Teeth Collectors on Amelia Island

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