Dog Sitting Service on Island is Now Available

November 14, 2013

We have been trying to find a reliable dog sitting service for our guests since we had to make the unfortunate decision to no longer allow pets at the Inn last year. As intense pet lovers ourselves, we understood the pleasure of having long beach walks with your favorite dog and letting them play in the surf and roll through the sand. It’s magic for them (and us).

So we’re happy to announce that we found a good friend of ours, Jane Hoskins, to offer dog sitting services. We have known Jane almost from the day we moved to Amelia Island in 2006. She is very responsible and her pricing is very fair. Actually we think she enjoys the sitting more than she is comfortable charging for, since she only takes $20 a day and your dog can stay overnight.

You can contact Jane by calling 904-206-2230. She lives less than 5 minutes from the Inn. You can also contact her via email

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Visual proof that we’re RIGHT on the beach

November 14, 2013

We get this question quite often: “Are you really directly on the beach?” or any variety on “does my suite really have ocean views”. Today I checked in a couple from Cleveland, Ohio who noted: “We knew it was on the beach, but didn’t know it was that close to the ocean.” Well usually the ocean is a bit further out, but the nor’eastern November winds have been blowing inward and moved the shoreline about 30 feet closer.  In any case, when Bill Bowen of Suburban Video, with wife Carol and daughter  were our guests in June, he quickly shot a 360° photograph, to show what a elementary 360° virtual tour may look like.

360 Degree interactive virtual tours is another fascinating development of digital technology that can be viewed as a flash file on your computer via the Internet and on mobile devices. This is an ideal tool for many different uses, for hospitality operators, security operators, developers, venues, planners, designers of events and so on. The 360 Degree Virtual Tour allows new customers to visit and walk through a business or venue and view not only how the space looks and is used, but also gets an idea of available services. Potential customers can click on various areas to see some live video of an actual event taking place or interviews regarding the business’ services!

Below are some other examples:

Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital of Maryland (Rockville) – Adventist Rehabilitation Hospital wanted new patients and their families to be able to walk through and be familiar with all the facilities that the rehabilitation center has to offer. The 360 tour was a great success and patients love it.

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History – Special Event 360 Tour. Gwen Neal, Director of Special Events said: “This is FANTASTIC!!   Would it be possible for Natural History to use this piece on its web site (special events), and for our Special Events Staff to show to prospective clients on our iPad presentation? Thanks.”

The Winery at Bull Run 360 venue tour: The Winery was a new venue that needed a way for new customers to view how their venue can be used for corporate and social events. It also includes imbedded video.

Additional samples of 360 Degree Virtual Tours

SugarPlum Tent venue
Verizon Building

Suburban Video’s 360 Degree Virtual Tours can include many options:

• Site map for quick navigation that will be on the tour pages.

• Clickable link, people can go back to a webpage or anyplace else you want visitors to go.

• Hot links help visitors to navigate all the other tour stops. Hot links are red arrows when  the cursor is held over them a title will pop up telling them where they can go.

• Text Boxes with important customer info (up to 100 characters).

• Sound option: This a “voiceover” that is scripted to exactly convey the message you want visitors to receive or music of your choice that is assigned to each tour.

• Video link option: A link to a video file can be embedded into any tour page. For more information you can view their website at or you can contact Bill at 301 315-6300 (SV) or 301 922-9007 (cell)

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Having Dessert For Breakfast is Good for Weight Loss

August 26, 2013

2013 Amelia Island Restaurant WeekI’ve been claiming it all along : Breakfast is the best time of the day to eat Dessert!!! Ever since we took over the B&B I have been serving dessert with breakfast, much to the delight of many guests. From New York Cheese Cake to Key Lime Pie and from Baklava to Strawberry Shortcake, we believe dessert should have a prominent place on a breakfast tray, but sometimes guests on dietary restrictions return dessert untouched to the kitchen, because they either feel guilty starting out the day with a dessert, or they forget that they have a refrigerator in their suite to keep dessert for an afternoon delight. Continued…

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Tripadvisor Awards Us a Certificate of Excellence

August 1, 2013

A little while ago we were pleasantly surprised by a package delivered by special courier, announcing that we were awarded Tripadvisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the exceptional feedback we have been getting from our guests.

We are extremely grateful for the many compliments we have received on Tripadvisor, Bed and and especially all the long hand-written complimentary letters, poems and drawings in our various in-suite guest books.

The Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence recognizes businesses that rank in the Top 10 Worldwide for customer expressed satisfaction. Only arriving to the business of  Innkeeper less than 2 years ago, we have tried to provide hospitality the way we would want to experience being a guest at the Inn. In the next phases of our Innkeeper life we are looking to design a guest experience that is uniquely beach relaxation oriented, with afternoon happy hours and special theme evenings (mostly entertaining and sometimes educational).

As another very busy summer vacation season is coming to an end with schools starting back in the middle of August, we are looking forward to the many late summer, fall and winter season festivals and activities we organize here on Amelia Island to entertain our guests.

Here is a probably incomplete list of Festivals and Events still to come this year:

August 23 and 24: 4th Annual Great Southern TailGate Cookoff on Main Beach with lots of live music and southern food.

September 13 and 14: Amelia Island Blues Festival on the Waterfront in Historic Downtown.

October 6 – 13Amelia Island Jazz Festival all over the island.

October 12: Amelia Island Wine Festival at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation

October 19: 17th Annual 8-Flags Car Show in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach

November 8-9-10: International Pétanque America Open at the Downtown Waterfront

November 23: Holiday Cookie Tour of Amelia Island B&B’s

December 6 and 7: Fernandina Beach Holiday Home Tour





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Mamma Turtles Seem to Like our Little Inn

June 17, 2013

New nest in front of Amelia Oceanfront B&BIt’s pretty much an annual recurrence that Mamma Loggerheads decide to nest on “our” beach and so yesterday in the early morning hours, one Mamma thought the beach in front of our Inn well suited and quiet enough to lay down a nest with no less than 150 eggs directly in front of the beach chairs. A short time later Mary Duffy of the Amelia Island Turtle Watch came to mark the nest and take all precautionary measures to ensure safe hatching.

We are happy that our guests heed our warnings about bright lights at nights so that mamma turtles can safely come out and deposit their offspring. At the same time we would like to reiterate certain suggestions that some, especially weekend beach goers seem to forget about safety on the beach for both turtles and our guests

In addition to beach paraphernalia left on the beach, another big danger for turtles and humans are huge holes dug by beachgoers and left unfilled for days/weeks. I encounter “party pits” quite often during my early morning beach walks. So here is my plea…please, people, fill in the holes you dig! We have guests that like to do a beach walk under the stars even when the moon is new. It’s discouraging to find deep holes dug into the sand, a canopy still up overnight with a deep hole in the center full of empty water bottles and beer cans, a kids wagon filled with toys and beach chairs left on the edge of the dunes, condo porch lights left on to full brightness overnight and tire tracks where there should not be any. Educating our Island visitors should be a priority for all rental property owners to keep our beaches beautiful and safe for others….especially our sea turtles.

As to our new turtle nest we will be extra vigilant between August 6 and August 21 when the nest is scheduled to hatch.The photos were taken by our Austrian guests Herbert and Margit Blass.

Another beautiful sunrise on Amelia IslandShark Teeth Collectors on Amelia Island

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Fall 2013 Festival Calendar

June 5, 2013

2013 Amelia Island Blues Festival: September 13 and 14

In stark contrast with the Beach festival of previous years, this year the Blues Festival, headlined by Ana Popovic and Mud Morganfield, will move to the Downtown Waterfront. For more information check out

2013 Amelia Island Jazz Festival: October 6-13

The Amelia Island Jazz Festival will once again light up the island with a week-long series of events celebrating the diverse all-American art form of jazz.  For more information, visit or phone 904/504-4772.

Amelia Island Wine Festival: October 12

The 2nd Annual Amelia Island Wine Festival will be held on October 12, 2013 among the moss-draped oaks and reflective lagoon at the Shops of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation. This year the Festival will feature Wines from the Southern Hemisphere.  Sample dozens of award-winning wines from the premier growing regions of Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Learn about the wines and wineries from wine industry representatives, sample some of the wines of our returning Florida wineries, and purchase a bottle or case to prolong the pleasure long after you return home. Find more information on .

Amelia Cruizers 8 Flag Car Show: October 19

They close down the main street in Fernandina Beach for this one! Usually 100+ cars of all types: hot rods, classics, one-of-a-kinds, late models, and of course Mustangs and Shelbys!
A really nice venue – bring the family and enjoy the beach, shopping, and restaurants! (There’s also plenty of watering-holes for the adults!) For more information go to

Petanque America Open International: November 8-9 and 10

Visitors can join close to 300 petanque players on Amelia Island as they compete in this simplified version of an older outdoor bowling game. The goal is to toss or roll a number of hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden target ball. Players take turns and the team that ends up nearest to the target ball when all balls are played, wins. For more information, visit

Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast Association’s Holiday Cookie Tour: November 16

The Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast Association invites the public to enjoy its annual open-house and self-guided walking tour of inns just in time for the 2013 holiday season.  The event will take place this year on Saturday, November 16 from noon to 5 p.m.  Visitors will tour some of the most impressive buildings on the island, sample a signature cookie from each of the participating inns, and be entertained with history and carriage rides and trolley tours while collecting heirloom recipes along the way.  Guests will walk away with ideas for cookies to add to their celebrations, as well as inspiration for holiday decorating. In keeping with tradition, a portion of ticket and cookbook sales from the Tour will benefit a local charity.  For more information, call (800) 226-3542 or visit

Holiday Home Tour in Historic Fernandina Beach: November 29 – 30

Tour several of Amelia Island’s loveliest, private homes in Fernandina Beach’s historic district during the Amelia Island Museum of History’s sixth annual celebration of the holiday season.  For more information, visit

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