Scootertje Speaks Out On New Pet Policy

Hi my name is Scootertje (That’s Dutch for Little Scooter).
I am TJ and Han’s little Snorkie. I’m not yet 5 years old and a bit spoiled, but don’t let them now. They often make fun of me and call me the Step Stool Puppy, because my dad was 4 lbs and my mom was 12 pounds. Figures! I love to play soccer with a basketball and they actually have a video of me on youTube. They also had a Facebook page for me but gave it up after a lot of girls gave me too much attention.

But that’s not what this story is about. When they took over the Inn, pets of all kinds were allowed as part of the previous policy. But soon they noticed that an unbridled pet policy could create some awkward situations between dogs and cats and birds that did not necessarily like each other. There was one weekend in January 2012 when the Inn resembled a kennel of barking dogs.

Now I know from personal experience, that barking is just a way for us to get a message across or to attract attention and not necessarily carries any form of aggression. We can be hyper, confused, wondering or just excited, but being in a new place with our “parents” out on the town for a good time, sometimes grates at us and we become rambunctious.

Unfortunately that doesn’t work for other paying guests who can’t sleep until we are asleep. Beyond that some of our more excitable brothers and sisters have bladder problems which they take out on rugs and sometimes bed quilts, not to speak of picking up fleas on the beach. And I’m not even mentioning hair loss.

So it came as no surprise when my favorite peeps decided to limit pet access to one suite only earlier this year, but soon after the unthinkable happened. A trio of female guests had checked into the SeaEsta Suite with 2 full sized dogs of undistinguished pedigree. They were belligerent to say the least, but when both TJ and Han were knocking on the door the next morning to deliver a very tasty breakfast to the room, one of the dogs went for TJ’s knees, creating severe instability on the breakfast tray, leading to substantial spillage.¬†And that was the end of the friendly pet policy. Not because they don’t love me or other dogs, but just because sometimes in life you have to draw the line.

And that line indicated that there were many more cons than pros on the existing pet policy. Believe it or not, I sleep on the couch in Han’s office and catch many of the phone calls coming in. I hear how many people actually have pet allergies when they call to reserve a room and I fully understand why the no pet policy was activated. Even I am not allowed inside the building anymore and I’m what they call hypoallergenic, which means I don’t shed hair. I know, big deal. In any case I wanted to let you know that the Inn is now only for people. No more exceptions!

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3 Responses to Scootertje Speaks Out On New Pet Policy

  1. Debbi Chapman says:

    Sorry to see this. We have 3 very friendly dog-members to our family. And one is crated at night when we travel…… just because it works out better. Sad we were really hoping to be able to experience your lodging.

  2. Toni Shrewsbury says:

    I’m sorry to hear this, too. We spent a very enjoyable weekend there a couple years ago with our little 5-lb Yorkie, Sophie. It was Sophie’s first trip to the beach and she loved it. We all had so much fun and were hoping to come back this summer, especially now that so many improvements have been made. Sophie insists on traveling with us,however, so we’ll have to pass. Good luck with your venture!

    • admin says:

      We are truly sorry we had to make that decision; it was not done because we don’t adore our doggies and even most pets we had stay with us during the time we tried to find a solution. Turns out however that there is no happy solution that satisfies everyone’s needs and wants. We hope you understand.

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