SeaEscape Suite Got a Complete Facelift

Amelia Oceanfront B&B renovates SeaEscape SuiteWe had been planning to completely renovate SeaEscape for a while, but with reservations holding up strong throughout the winter season, it became increasingly difficult to slot the time before the Spring/Summer Season starts in March. So in the week of Valentine Celebrations TJ and I decided to (once again) test our ability to work long hours together in difficult circumstances. We passed the test with flying colors and in the 10 day process SeaEscape became one of our new favorite suites. Vibrant light color schemes, new light fixtures, new furnishings in the living/dining room area, bright colorful beach scenes on the walls, a new tile floor and vanity in the bathroom and many new small decorations.

One of our particular problems with this suite was elegantly solved with a simple but very decorative wooden TV stand. Probably 30 years ago when the house was first turned into a B&B, someone decided to pull all wiring for Cable TV and telephone into this room and from there to all other rooms. With the arrival of the Internet a new set of wiring and routers was added to the nightmare of cable boxes and telephone cradles. Especially thick performance coaxial cables, you know those that never want to bend into the direction you want them too, where a thorn in our sense of perfection. Well we’re happy to report that it is now neatly tucked away.

TJ and I hi-fived each other when we closed the door to Sea Escape exactly one hour before the next guests were scheduled to check in to the Suite. Mission accomplished.

Here are some pictures: 

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