The 2012 Cookie Tour Was a Blast

As new Innkeepers we were not quite sure what to expect when we learned about the Annual Cookie Tour, organized by the Amelia Island Bed and Breakfast Association. Between 500 and 600 people marching through the suites and heavens forbid, baking 600 signature cookies(!!!!) from scratch.

But when we learned that the charity was going to be Micah’s Place, our participation in the annual event became a fact, posters were printed and distributed, we called in the troups. Good friends Ray and John came up from Orlando to help with the preparations and baking the cookies, florist Francis Dale from Ace Hardware (oh yeah she is good), for all the decorations, Kim and Sarah for the cookie tables, the local pirates who showed up in numbers, our favorite massage therapists, Mike and Nancy Shore from Amelia Massage Associates, and last but not least our friend Kimmie and myself for the live music. The weather was not promising so we decided to put up one of our 10x30ft wedding tents on the southside beach patio to keep potential rain out and give “cookie tourists” a chance to sit down for a minute.

Yes, we moved 550 guests through the Inn inside of 5 hours and were tremendously pleased by the compliments received both for all the improvements and special touches applied in the past 11 months AND for the delicious Caribbean Coconut Bars we served.

And even though it was rather cold and windy, everyone seemed to have a great time.

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