The Inn around 1958

Fletcher Ave, long before it became Florida’s A1A was still a sand trail when this picture was taken sometime around 1958. I got it from our neighbors across the street, who found it as they were restoring the house across from the Inn. Rod and his wife Cody, or miss Cody as we call her, moved into the house that was build by the same architect/builder as the Inn, in 1958. Mr. Rod, recently passed away in his mid nineties, but Ms. Cody at 92 is still sharp as a tack.

On special and other occasions we bring her a dessert from the Inn which she consumes with much gusto and we listen to her stories from days long past. Just to imagine living on that paradisical spot for 55 years is incredible. She has seen much of the area’s development over those years as her direct neighbor’s house burned down, because fire trucks were few and far away. She remembers Fletcher Ave getting paved. She remembers the ups and down of the Inn as family home, women’s shelter, guest house and B&B. She remembers the construction of Katie’s Light and the Ocean View sub-division being build en when a previous owner brought the Mermaid Fountain in and she has stories about it all.

In this picture you can “clearly” see that at one time boulders rather than dunes kept the ocean at bay and what today is called Egan’s Creek was right up to her back porch.

I’m planning to go up in one of the ultra lights they operate from the airport these days and take pictures of what it looks like today, just to mark a point in time for comparison and reflection.

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